Wedding Preps

My sister Kristen is getting married!


We’ve know it for awhile now, but it is only a month away. We will back for it in August. She has been hard at work planning the celebration. She had the kids try on their tuxes today.


My mon says Reece said something to the effect of he looked good. He is right.

Quinn looked sharp as well.


We’ll need to work on that smile or Aunt Kristen’s photoshop bills will be astronomical.


We’re looking forward to the big day.


Dog Wars

We brought Ruby along for this trip. She will be staying with my parents while we are in Nantucket.

They have a dog named Maggie. She and Ruby are going through their awkward meeting stage.

Ruby likes Maggie’s bed.


Maggie likes her bed too, but the tiny dachshund is the alpha dog as of right now.


One thing Maggie has on Ruby is behavior. When we ate dinner Ruby was shut out.


Binkie came over for dinner. She really likes Rubes and always wants to take her home.


Ruby appreciates the attention.

Kristen, Seamus and Seamus’ sister ate with us too. Seamus called Ruby a “Sausage Dog.”. I guess that is how they do it in Ireland.

They might let Sausage Dogs up on the couch there too. Ruby is out of luck here


Driving East

We hit the road on Monday to drive to Canton. That’s where I am now after a the longest road trip we’ve taken as a family.

Jenny is on a work trip, so she is flying in on Friday. We did have a fifth passenger and it was my dad who flew to Milwaukee for the trip.

We drove through Wisconsin, down through Illinois and stopped for dinner in Indiana. That is where the boys had some fun with the toys in their kid’s meal.


They enjoyed this treat and wore them as we continued our drive east.


We made it to Toledo where we woke up the kids and got them into the hotel.

Lena wasn’t very happy about waking up.


She had a chance to get some sleep the next morning as everyone in the car napped.


We had a 14 hour day in the car, so getting some exercise was important. We had dinner in upstate New York and played at the rest stop after we ate.


It was windy there.


The wind took us the final three hours and we arrived in Canton.


Ruby’s Race

June 20th, 2012

The local college league team is a textbook case on how to do lower-level baseball right. The Madison Mallards draw about 7,000 fans a game. One key is the unlimited food and beer section, another is good family deals and the big one is in-game entertainment.

They have races for the kids.

Mascots roaming the stadium.

A spacious outfield picnic area.

A picnic area that on one night allowed dogs. Not any dog. Wiener dogs. For wiener dog races on Oscar Mayer Appreciation Night.

Ruby was the nicest dog and the best-looking one. She just wasn’t the fastest one.

She lost to a 19 lbs. standard dachshund. She’s a 14 lbs. mini dachshund.

How is that fair? We enjoyed ourselves, but are hoping for divisions next year.


Independence Day 2012

We spent the hottest Fourth of July ever outside. Why not?

The Seekers came to town for an evening concert. We started with a tour of the grounds at Jenny’s ever-expanding work.

Steve Seeker Photo

Then it was off to Olbrich gardens. We checked out the Thai Pavilion which is one of the only pavilions outside of Thailand.

Steve Seeker Photo

Finally, we hit Capitol Square. We ate a picnic on the grass and listened to the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra perform Concerts on the Square.

Steve Seeker Photo

The concerts are on Wednesday, so this one timed out well for its patriotic theme.

While we listened to music Steve and the boys did some exploring.

Steve Seeker Photo

They also looked to the top of the rotunda.

Steve Seeker Photo

Jenny and I like that picture a lot.

They came back to the show, but it was still hot. Reece was feeling it.

On our way back to the car he threw up on the sidewalk. Twice. He blames it on three juice boxes.

He recovered nicely and three days later we were back in double digit temperatures.


Reece’s Movement

Please mark July 3rd, 2012 in your calendar as a special day. It was the day Reece finally pooped in the potty.

He was promised a trip to the farm store to pick out a toy tractor if he did this. That’s what we did.

The promise was made in October when the farm store was gearing up for Christmas with the best toy tractor selection you’ve ever seen. Reece went for Christmas in July and ended up with what they had left.

We went home to watch the fireworks which we told him were in honor of his achievement.

He hasn’t done it since.



We are becoming a golfing family. It is an interesting process. We haven’t started the boys in lessons yet, but we did get them clubs. Quinn got a set of lefty (like me) junior clubs off Craigslist. We got a tip that St. Vincent de Paul has lots of clubs and they sure did. We got Reece five clubs and a bag for $2.25!

We haven’t hit an actual course yet. We go to Vitense Golfland which is near our house and pretty awesome.

We played mini golf once and hit the driving range twice. It is an interesting scene.

Quinn has the longest attention span.

He hits, but is more concerned if he has more golf balls than Reece.

Speaking of Reece he has a much shorter attention span. He enjoys the large net.

Lena just learned to walk, so we’re holding off on golf for now.

We’ll hit the course one of these days.


Lena Can Walk!

It took about nineteen months, but I am pleased to report Lena can walk.

She was moving all over the place today when I got home and she was walking all day. This is big.

She has been taking small steps for a while and walking while holding onto things. This is her progress on April 17th.

Here she is a month later.

I will miss her scooting, but it I am proud she has the confidence to walk.

Good job Lean Bean.


Brown & White

After the boys got out of the bath tonight Quinn asked me for the thermometer. I asked him why and he replied, “I want to know if I am too hot because I am darker than Reece.”

I told Quinn he wasn’t sick, but he had darker skin and gets tanned like his momma. Reece has lighter skin like his dad and gets burned. I told him he was lucky and that pale is beautiful (in certain Northern European countries.)


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